Here we are again 2

That took some time, but time is precious these days. Well, available mental energy. Homework depletes it pretty fast. Wednesday! Wednesday is a fun day. After the crushing weight of Tuesday, it's almost like a refreshing breeze. First is Script. We had Writing last year, but script is more purposeful. Less raw stuff of DRAMA, … Continue reading Here we are again 2


Here we are again

It was the first day, except this time - for the second time 🙂 Second Year! It's very exciting. The classes look generally fascinating, it was great meeting my classmates after the long break and the only dark cloud on the horizon is the storm of homework we're about to receive. That's for later, though. … Continue reading Here we are again

New classes

Most of the classes (6) remained the same as the first semester, but some (4) changed. So Sunday has one new class, replacing philosophy: Introduction to visual culture. From what I understand it's the discipline of looking purely on the visual aspect of art, separated from the historical and social and whatnot context. Just the … Continue reading New classes


This has nothing to do with Isaac Newton. It's just the name of the animation exercise we were given, since it deals with gravity. Yes, it is a silly connection, but the name stays. In this exercise we were supposed to drop three things on our character: a feather, a ball, and a stone block - … Continue reading Newton