This is my video for the first assignment of the semester for Animative Thinking: I had a hard time coming up with ideas for the assignment, because nothing seemed to be both interesting and fitting the given theme: relations. I put quite some time into a video I wasn't too enthusiastic about, I still … Continue reading Birds!


New classes

Most of the classes (6) remained the same as the first semester, but some (4) changed. So Sunday has one new class, replacing philosophy: Introduction to visual culture. From what I understand it's the discipline of looking purely on the visual aspect of art, separated from the historical and social and whatnot context. Just the … Continue reading New classes


This has nothing to do with Isaac Newton. It's just the name of the animation exercise we were given, since it deals with gravity. Yes, it is a silly connection, but the name stays. In this exercise we were supposed to drop three things on our character: a feather, a ball, and a stone block - … Continue reading Newton