51 animation exercises (level 1)

The first year ended, but that doesn't mean I should stop learning, right? I looked for exercises in animation to do over summer break, and found quite the comprehensive list from AnimatorIsland: http://www.animatorisland.com/51-great-animation-exercises-to-master/ 51 animation exercises divided by level, from the classic bouncing ball to a character putting on pants. It looks interesting, it looks challenging, … Continue reading 51 animation exercises (level 1)


This has nothing to do with Isaac Newton. It's just the name of the animation exercise we were given, since it deals with gravity. Yes, it is a silly connection, but the name stays. In this exercise we were supposed to drop three things on our character: a feather, a ball, and a stone block - … Continue reading Newton

Fundamental principals in culture and a little assignment

It's just a philosophy class, really. It's nothing too exciting. So far we've covered Plato and Aristotle, specifically their thoughts on Ideas and opinions regarding artists. So the latter point is actually pretty cool - Plato has some interesting reasons to look down on artists - but that's the most of it, unfortunately. Next is Nietzsche, one of … Continue reading Fundamental principals in culture and a little assignment