51 animation exercises (level 2)

I'm baaaaaaack! Don't think I just disappeared, I was hard at work on the next level of animation exercises. They were both more complicated and, well, more (13 vs the 11 of level 1) so it took quite some time. So without further ado, here is the next level of animation exercises, now with music … Continue reading 51 animation exercises (level 2)


51 animation exercises (level 1)

The first year ended, but that doesn't mean I should stop learning, right? I looked for exercises in animation to do over summer break, and found quite the comprehensive list from AnimatorIsland: http://www.animatorisland.com/51-great-animation-exercises-to-master/ 51 animation exercises divided by level, from the classic bouncing ball to a character putting on pants. It looks interesting, it looks challenging, … Continue reading 51 animation exercises (level 1)

New classes

Most of the classes (6) remained the same as the first semester, but some (4) changed. So Sunday has one new class, replacing philosophy: Introduction to visual culture. From what I understand it's the discipline of looking purely on the visual aspect of art, separated from the historical and social and whatnot context. Just the … Continue reading New classes