(Un-)final animations

And so we come to the final assignments in animation – well, Animation Fundamentals. Still got Animative Thinking.

Anyhow, the first of the last is about a water splash – effects like this are important, and the work on them is a little different from working on a character.

In this one I also started working with a semi-realistic man, and made him run before he jumps in the water. If you look closely you’ll see the run is a little ‘floaty’, and that’s because it’s based on the running photographs by Edweard Muybridge. It’s a known phenomena that animations traced off of photographs look strange, and you have to exaggerate them to make it look good. I did, but not enough. It’s still floaty. Oh well.

Second one was about making a character walk at an angle, and I decided to work with a headless suited man. It’s also incomplete.

Can you see it? Can you see where I cut corners? Yes, he doesn’t have a head. Heads are hard so I said “screw it”. Yes, he also loses the hand after the turn, not that (hands are also hard, sue me). Well, yes, the turn is kinda weird as a whole, I know the proportions get a little messy and it’s not RIGHT… Nevermind, I’m talking about something else, more subtle! Can you see it? Or rather, can you FEEL it?

It’s on 4s. Exposure of 4. 4 frames per drawing (so 6 drawings every second) for the entire video. Animation is usually on 2s or 1s, otherwise it’s usually too janky, but sometimes… Sometimes you can get away with animating on 3s or 4s if you make it flow just right. And I’m very much aware of my boastfulness in claiming so, but I think it looks good. I think I got it here. Mostly. Probably. …Right?

Third one is the final assignment, and it’s not even close to finished. We needed to make our character chase it’s wind-carried shadow:

It’s a Rough, so called because it’s the rough version (animation lingo, yay!). You use it to get the movement right, before you commit too much effort into drawings that may look iffy when in motion. And I’m pretty happy with the motion I got here – it’s pretty natural, all things considered, and I think I can go ahead with it. Dunno if I will, but I might.

Probably not, though.

Oh well.


2 thoughts on “(Un-)final animations

    • Re-looking at it I think he has at least the left butt-cheek, but he might be missing the right one after the turn. I’ll have to remember that going forward, but for now I’m gonna say his pants are weird and call it a day.


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