Gone after the wind

Well, so much for weekly updates, I guess.

As it turns out, high education can be quite stressing. I thought I could juggle more things than I can, and this blog was one of the balls that fell to the ground. Which I’m sorry about. Then again, I also didn’t have much to show. That’s going to change, as the end of the semester is fast approaching – which means many, many assignments to turn in. And I don’t have enough time. At least it’ll be over soon.

At any rate, here’s the latest (semi-)finished animation – Atka struggling against the biting arctic wind. It’s also, I’m sorry to say, the last I’ll be animating her for at least a while. She’s just too chubby! Which makes her very hard to move around, because I can’t always bend her limbs in a way that makes visual sense. So I’m switching characters. I’ll be working with a headless man in a suit, which as it turns out is much easier for me, and you’ll see him soon. For now, however – goodbye, Atka.


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