The animation 1st years’ movie club

Here's something great that a student from my class started. Every Tuesday, after school, we go to an empty hall and watch a movie. The rotation goes like this: Classic (2d) animation, live action, stop-motion animation, and then viewers' choice. The first movie we saw was the phenomenal "The Iron Giant". I could go into … Continue reading The animation 1st years’ movie club



And we cap the week - and my description of it - with Thursday, which I enjoy quite a bit. First lesson is Animation Fundamentals, and I like it. A lot. Definitely my favourite of the practical classes (I might like one of the theoretical ones better). The reason is very simple - we make animations. … Continue reading Thursday


I... don't like Wednesdays. It's not even for a particularly good reason, just some things that combined to create annoyance. Let's start at the beginning. First lesson is Cinema Fundamentals, and it's actually really cool. We've learned about one shots, cuts and what we can do with audio. We've also watched and analysed "Citizen Kane", and … Continue reading Wednesday


After some pause due to a slight overload in home assignments, I return to a hopefully more consistent schedule. So, Monday! We start our practical part of the week with Screen Design. It's a little hard to explain what it's about, but basically the teacher is trying to train us to convey meaning through more abstract … Continue reading Monday

Fundamental principals in culture and a little assignment

It's just a philosophy class, really. It's nothing too exciting. So far we've covered Plato and Aristotle, specifically their thoughts on Ideas and opinions regarding artists. So the latter point is actually pretty cool - Plato has some interesting reasons to look down on artists - but that's the most of it, unfortunately. Next is Nietzsche, one of … Continue reading Fundamental principals in culture and a little assignment